to US$32,000 worth of funding in 2019 to support you to grow your freedom life and freedom enterprise on an epic journey with us.

Create Your Freedom Lifestyle And Build an Inspiring Freedom Enterprise

WITHOUT having to fund it all OR work it out yourself because it's
Already Been Done Before
and we are here to share our best secrets with You

Are You Tired of Trying To Build Your Freedom Business to Effectively Support Your Lifestyle?

Are You Tired of Trying to Get Your Location Independent Work Life in Balance?

And are You Ready to Make a Massive Difference in the World?!

Are You Tired of Trying To Build Your Freedom Business to Effectively Support Your Lifestyle?
Are You Tired of Trying to Get Your Location Independent Work Life in Balance?
And are You Ready to Make a Massive Difference in the World?!

Learn how to be your best version of Yourself in life and business
AND Get highly paid and recommended, doing it!

"Together we can make a far greater difference in the world"

By applying you may be eligible to access thousands of dollars in funding and direct support from the founder of Freedom X Festival, Estela Kun, John Abbott and their team.

Who are we and why even listen to us?



    • 15 Years living in multiple countries and traveling to over 50+
    • 8+ Years built her Location Independent Lifestyle and Enterprise
    • Designer, systemiser 
    • Remote team builder and leader
    • Built the Freedom Experience following from 0 to over 20,000 through 5 events and marketing initiatives in just 1.5 years
    • Best Selling Author - Freedom By Design (From start to Amazon best seller in 3 months) with over 2500 people getting access to the book
    • Creator of the Freedom Method - How to create an epic & balanced Freedom Lifestyle
    • Speaker - Invited on multiple summits, live stages and podcasts to share her method
    • Visionary of Inspiral Limited and Freedom Experience
    • Based in Bali while travels the world frequently


    • 8 Years living in Bali
    • Facilitated 30 day business incubators in Bali to help entrepreneurs create truly global enterprises (Freedom Businesses)
    • Coached and mentored over 200 businesses owners to create highly purposeful and profitable enterprises by running effective marketing and sales campaigns
    • Developed the Giving Model that’s created over $3.8million in revenues for his clients and given over 1 million dollars away as a result over the past 7 years
    • Awarded the prestigious ‘Connection Award’ by B1G1 Founders, Paul Dunn & Masami Sato, for helping grow the giving business community to over 1000 businesses
    • Has marketed and represented brands like; Sir Richard Branson, Roger Hamilton, Patch Adams, Brandon Bays and Dr. John Demartini
    • Adopted his daughter Allegra 6 years ago from Bali
    • Is 2 time, and current Asia Pacific Downhill Mountain Biking champion for pro veterans


The Location Independent Lifestyle Program

Design your life according to your own terms..
20th of Febr - 20th of May

Setup your location independent lifestyle
Optimize your location independent lifestyle for more success, free-time & fun
Connect with a like-minded network and mentors
Break free from your most pressing challenges
And achieve your ‘most-desired intentions’ in 3 months


Gain confidence to show up,  say what you want, and achieve what you believe in
Realise Your limitations and fears that may be holding you back, so you can move past them.
Access direct mentorship and feel supported because supported action gets results.
Create a plan of action that suits YOU, is stretching but doable, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up on your dreams before they even take shape.
Take action in your everyday life that brings you more freedom and happiness.
Connect with a like-minded tribe  of people, make new friends and get inspired by the projects they are committed.
Get access to a network of mentors who have been there and already done what you are wanting to achieve.
Be inspired to dare to dream big  and a daily energiser that keeps you on track, having you believe that you can do it too!


Set Up Your Enterprise And Online Marketing For Success

Design your enterprise for freedom, profit and fun..
10th of Febr - 10th of August

In this program, you'll receive tips, tricks and twists on what it takes, creatively to produce marketing and sales campaigns that actually work in today's marketplace
You don't have to try and do it all yourself, alone, ever again! The program is great for anyone who got a new business or product to launch OR already running a business and wants to broaden market reach and deepen market penetration OR struggling to make and difference, and wants to improve effectiveness, profitability and contribution.
Delivered by a couple who's direct online marketing and sales efforts created over US$2 Million in sales for themselves and their clients and a giving impact of close to $500,000 in 2017/18 alone.
You'll get to workshop your own ideas in a hot seat, a mastermind style Q&A where you'll put together your detailed campaign plan, present and get feedback from the group. You'll get to ask specific questions about your funnel, share your challenges and experiences with John & Estela and the group, and we'll brainstorm and guide you on creative ways to accelerate you forward, far beyond your campaign.
In the bi-monthly calls, you'll be led, step-by-step through a powerful, proven process that's evolved each year over the past 8 years. This is the very same process that John and Estela use to plan all their campaigns, both for themselves and their clients and their past students now use highly successfully, as a result of learning it. It's called "The 9 P's to creating a highly purposeful and profitable freedom enterprise"


6 months of direct access to the mentors, so that you get to roll out, with the mentors at your table, at least 1 major campaign successfully
Everything you need to plan, design and launch a highly effective campaign, so you can then do it over and over again
Have someone by your side, guiding you to launch your business, product or service at least once. (Most campaigns are designed and run over 3 months)
Have your own specialist marketing team sitting in your office for 6 months, answering your questions, giving you clear guidance, assisting you to find the best resources whilst designing and living an epic life from where ever in the purled you like.
Learn and create your unique blueprint for your launches, after you’ve done it once you will be able to do it over and over again, with increasingly larger profitable campaigns.
Build, maybe for the first time, a structured, well planned, simply timed, professional and inspiring promotion plan and roll it out with ease and grace, with the confidence that will have it turn into a fabulous success for you.

Are you really, really ready to take control of your life, setting clear and powerful intentions, and create an enterprise that's truly magical?

Then APPLY NOW, and you could be one of the people we select to invest in and award a scholarship to.

We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, who, like you, were not getting the results they wanted in their lives and business, many really struggling to build enough momentum to fund their lifestyle, let alone give back. In this live-online workshop we’ll reveal to you how you too can design your freedom life, plan and run marketing campaigns that are highly profitable and make a profound positive impact!







  • In order to maximise the impact and effectiveness of this initiative, enrolment for the Freedom Scholarship Fund is strictly limited to 20 applicants only.
  • Approval for the scholarships are only through this application and a mandatory evaluation call during which the scholarship level will be determined.
  • Extended payment plans can be created specifically around your needs. And based on your scholarship level, we find that most entrepreneurs are able to work out a way to fund their freedom journey with us.

Tell us more about YOU and we’ll be in

touch for an application evaluation call.

(Special case scholarships also available)

Terms and conditions of entry:
  • I currently have sufficient savings or an income, job or own business that generates me the funding required for me to effectively go through these trainings.
  • I am committed to completing the entire journey over the next 7 months and doing what it takes to show up with intention, integrity and inspiration
  • I understand that published results may differ from one person to the next.
  • I acknowledge that the potential income and financial opportunity is based on current and past results created by Inspiral and their clients, and that it does not reflect any guarantees of my own earning potential.
  • I understand that there is a 100% money back guarantee and that I need to give notice by the end of the first month to Estela and John personally who will refund me my tuition fees.
  • Scholarships can be transferred to an approved and appointed attendee or to any program, coaching or live event at a higher value to the awarded program.
  • Scholarships are not redeemable as cash
  • Prizes can not be transferred to an approved and appointed attendee or to any program, coaching or live event at a higher value to the awarded program.
  • Acceptance of scholarship ends on the 20th of December 2018
  • To be used within next 12 months.
  • The prizes, awards and scholarships are not redeemable as cash
  • This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounted or value added offer.
  • Acceptance of prizes ends on the 20th of December 2018 to be used within next 12 months.


  • Christopher M Duncan

    Co-Founder – PointB Education

    I’ve built multiple million dollar online companies and have tried many campaigns and strategies, and this one stands out… We did well over 6 figures in just 2 weeks! Please don’t go and learn it, I want to keep it to myself 😉

  • Tyler Tolman

    Heal Thy Self Fast

    Not only are people loving this and having a connection, they’re also buying into programs. Working with these guys has been fantastic, I highly recommend working with these guys. Definitely a good team to work with, it’s just been easy flowing and a lot of fun.

  • Adam Houlahan

    Social Media Expert and Author of the Linkedin Playbook

    To say that we are fans of the program is pretty much an understatement. The Framework that the guys developed didn’t only hold us in good stead for that campaign, but really is going to be the framework we will use for all future campaigns forever more. Thanks guys, it was awesome!

    If you want to develop a seriously good campaign for your business, then get together with John as soon as you can.